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Shahnicki Palace is our attempt to share the stories of what we experience, what we understand, and what we learn about living and working in India. 

Schedules are for breaking

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Schedules are for breaking

Sujal Shah

We've started working on the second episode, but between some things going on at home and a work schedule that complicates evenings -- typically a full day at the office, then a meeting or two at night when the US folks finally get into the office. These last two weeks have been trickier than most: the redesign launched and the IPL started this week. I've had to skip our normally scheduled recording times plus the times we tried to reschedule because of last minute meetings with our US teams or evening launches/monitoring/etc.

I'm starting to get a rhythm with the meeting schedules otherwise, so hopefully we'll make our scheduled recording time this week. We'll see.

Aside from work and home life being a bit crazy, it's been an eventful few weeks. Our sea shipment finally arrived (containing our furniture and the bulk of our household items). We did get a short 2 day road trip in to Mysore, a city a few hours southwest of Bangalore, over the long weekend (Good Friday is a holiday for ESPN India). Photos are up on Flickr, as usual. We also have had more things break at home, more misunderstandings with service folks, and the usual day-to-day challenges of living here.

For the episode, we'll talk about some of the logistics of our move to India - shipments, customs, and immigration. Heidi wants to share a few stories about our trip to Mysore. Finally, I've been asked to share a little about working here.

I've been pretty strict about keeping work stuff off of the podcast (and off social media in general). Between being a leader in the office and being new to the office, there's a lot that just isn't shareable or share worthy. At the same time, someone pointed out to me that it's indeed the newness that might make my perspective interesting. So, I've got some general observations that I'll share. I also may talk a little cricket. It's unclear, of those two topics, which leaves me more open to getting in trouble. :)

Hopefully this week will be a little better on the work/home schedule front and Heidi and I will be able to get an hour in to record.