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Shahnicki Palace is our attempt to share the stories of what we experience, what we understand, and what we learn about living and working in India. 

A funny thing happened on the way to India

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A funny thing happened on the way to India

Sujal Shah

If you're wondering when we're going to drop the first podcast episode, well it's going to be a while. We did a great job packing up enough mics and gear to record an episode after we landed. In a late mishap, though. we accidentally left a bag with the laptop that was setup with all our recording and editing software in the room we told the packers "everything in here goes on the boat to India." The boat that's going to take a few months to arrive in India, in a container that will then take a few more weeks to get to us.

Life in Bangalore just hasn't left me enough time to get Heidi's laptop setup with the software yet. Garage Band may be enough so that I can drop the initial practice episode we recorded without any intro music or final editing...